This is Glamorous
We don’t know if it’s the glitz or the glamour, the bubbles or the gorgeous glassware, but we adore New Year’s!
We know, we know. It’s overrated, it’s a letdown, blah, blah, blah… But if you’re feeling underwhelmed, maybe you just need a little champagne!
Colin Cowie
We will admit, though, that staying out until all hours of the night is not the best way to start off your New Year’s Resolutions the next day. Honestly, who is going to wake up at 5:30 and exercise and drink less caffeine and not let dishes accumulate in the sink after the madness of the night before?
Elegant Classy
So, on New Year’s day, we’re just going to spend one more day celebrating decadent sweets…

And glamorous invitations…

All the pretty things
Spirited cocktails…

And once in a lifetime heels.
La Maison Gray
We’re going to wear this while doing the dishes…
And sip hot chocolate while playing with kiddos in the snow… (Well, sand. It’s 68 degrees…)

all things pretty
We can always start that juice cleanse tomorrow.
As you embark upon a closet cleaning, green smoothie-ing, streamlining-your-business New Year, here’s a little inspiration to carry on your journey! 

Thanks to all of you, our dear, precious friends, for hanging out with us all the way through 2013. It has been a blast! We’ll be thinking of you tonight as you celebrate in style or curl up by the fire! Either way, here’s to a new year and a fresh start!
New Year’s Obsessions

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