Cultivate Kitchens

When we think of mirrors, bathrooms are usually the first room that leaps to mind.
French = gray
Bathrooms are, after all, where we are most likely to need to see ourselves.

But, of all the rooms in our house, the kitchen is one of the ones that we prefer to be the lightest, brightest and to feel the most open.

Jane Moore Design
And what is better at achieving those goals than a mirror?
Rachel Bishop Design
Mirrors add instant height and size to cozy kitchens, making them feel much larger than the blueprint dictates.
Spartan Journal
John B Murray Architect
A window seems natural over the sink, but, if you’re lacking one, why not add a mirror instead? It’s a great way to add light — no sledge hammer required.

Kitchen mirrors make unique and gorgeous back splashes.

Nicety Journal
If the idea of one, large mirror doesn’t seem right for your kitchen, piecing together squares of antique mirrors adds charm and appeal. 
Most of all, mirrors are a chic decorative touch to be used in lieu of a painting or print. A starburst adds a hint of glamour and elegance to every other room. Why not the kitchen?
Jenny Wolf Interiors

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