It’s almost that time… And if your decorations aren’t up, you still have a few days left! 
Tree of Hope
Of all the ways we decorate, the tree is for sure our favorite. A fresh, Fraser Fir, filled with lights and, of course, that intoxicating smell that is, to us, so very Christmas! 
I used to be a stickler for filling a tree with baubles of only the gold and silver variety.
They were clean, pristine and looked spectacular with Christmas lights.
Plus, I’ve never really been all that into red…
Country Living
A soothing touch of blue is perfect for a seaside Christmas.

(Do you store your Christmas ornaments this beautifully well? We so wish we did…)

The curious bumblebee
Yup. Here it is. That enviable metallic look, chic and fashionable.

But, now that we have little Will, gold and silver seems way to stuffy for something that’s supposed to be so much fun!

Elegant Classy
Plus, we received some truly stunning ornaments for wedding and baby gifts in all shades that made adding a color seem easy.
The Q
So bring on the color… The homemade… The outgrown shoes tied to the branches. It’s a free for all now on our tree!
Ana Rose
How do you trim yours?

Click the images below for our tree trimming wishlist:


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