Bakes and Company
For us, it’s the mother of all resolutions.
Woodmeister Master Builders
And, nope, it’s not to lose ten pounds or exercise more or eat better.
Austin Bean Design Studio
It’s mastering the art of closet organization.
Nate Berkus Design
It isn’t that getting them clean is such a challenge. In fact, that part’s invigorating.

Inspirational Interiors
The bags of things to give away and sell, the feeling of cleansing and order. The instant lightness inside. (In fact, if you are trying to lose ten pounds maybe you should just clean your closets instead!)

Catherine Kwong Design
But keeping them that way is the challenging part.
Martha O’Hara Design
Obviously, life goes so much more smoothly with closets that are tidy, neat and perfectly in order.
The Fuller View
And, most days, the hanging back up and straightening the shoes isn’t that big of a deal.
Tim Barber Design

But then there’s that one time. You know what we mean. You go on a really long trip, your flight is delayed, you get home in the middle of the night, and, instead of organizing every garment back in its place, you cram it all on the long hanging rack and throw the bags on the floor.

LA Closet Design
The next morning, when you wake up late, jet-lagged and exhausted, with a big meeting/event, you can’t find your shoes, which means — yup — that shoe duffel gets emptied out all over the floor. And the outfit you had roughly bookmarked in your mind as being “right” is suddenly all wrong, and in a rush to change, instead of everything being neatly hung back up when you decide you’d rather not wear it, it’s on the floor. 

Bright Bold and Beautiful
And then you’re back to square one.
A Life of Grace and Beauty
Only, nothing like that ever seems to happen to any of these people. 
Martha Stewart Armoire Closet
And (fingers crossed) it’s not going to happen to us this year either! And, if it is, it goes without saying that we will immediately take the ten minutes it would probably take to rectify the situation instead of letting it get all messy again.
Interiors by Studio M
I’m super lucky because, this year, I have a head start. We had our closets painted a couple of months ago, and, in the process, cleared the clutter, cleaned and got everything super organized.
Inspirational Interiors
I even took the major plunge and got rid of all the shoe boxes, leaving straight, clean rows of my favorite things!
If you’re hoping to join us in the mother of all resolutions, here’s a good place to start. Happy organizing, friends! We hope 2014 has been the best ever so far!

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