Town and Country
It is the room on our wish list, the beautiful space we absolutely know we would live in if we had it.
Town and Country
With all of the glass and windows and sunlight streaming through, conservatories are the perfect room to make these cold winter days feel a bit more like summertime.
Town and Country

One of the coolest things about these rooms is that conservatories can be pretty easy to build. Valentine’s Day gift, anyone?
Maybe it’s because beautiful meals are the things that punctuate our day, that quiet space with our families to hit the “restart” button, but dining is what we think we’d enjoy very most in our conservatory. 
Town and Country
Well, and having our morning coffee with those happy, just-awake voices and newspaper scattered all around.

This looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book!

Do you have a conservatory? (We’ll try not to be too jealous!) How would you spend time in your conservatory?
We hope your week is going well!

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