It’s the new year, and that can only mean one thing: It’s time for organization posts!
Tidying, streamlining and SIMPLIFYING always top the short list of our resolutions.
O’Brien Harris
Because, really, even when you think you’re simplified and streamlined, it seems that there’s even more inspiration the next year to take it to the next level.
O’Brien Harris
We don’t know about you, but, for us, a clutter-free nest is the perfect root from which all the other resolutions stem.
Better Homes and Gardens

And, if you’re like us, a happy, sparkling kitchen is the ideal place to start.


When the kitchen is clean it’s like a jumper cable for all of those other resolutions.
Martha Stewart
Tidy kitchens make us feel like cooking healthy meals.
And it’s a lot easier to juice when you can find all the parts to the juicer…
Belgium Pearls
An orderly kitchen seems to melt the stress of the day almost as well as…
East End Country Kitchens
Candy! Just kidding… We actually have to flip past this pantry quickly. All that candy would be a severe hazard for us! (Next resolution: Willpower!)
Brooks and Falotico
We feel so nice when our kitchens are delightfully organized that it inspires us to get all of our other rooms looking that way.
Caden Design Group
Our favorite kitchen tip that we’ve picked up this year that we must implement immediately in our kitchens is keeping a totally empty drawer. (Or shelf, cabinet, etc…)
Martha O’Hara Design
Not only is it totally cleansing to feel like you have some extra, empty space lying around, but then there’s a place to stash things in an emergency….

McGill Design Group

Immediately cleaning it out and making it empty again, of course!
O’Brien Harris
How do you keep the heart of your home looking its best?

Happy 2014, friends! We are so incredibly humbled by your visits, comments and kindness all year round. This year we hope that you keep all your resolutions and that all your dreams come true!


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