Traci Rhoades Interiors
It is as if clutter and papers all get together and make a pact to just flock there…

And once I’ve vowed yet again to “go paperless,” it’s as if the universe got a scrambled signal, thinking that I said I wanted all the paper.
Domicile Design
And so, music up, candle lit, the whole process starts again… Pay the bills, scan or file them away, shred the evidence.

Laura Tutun Interiors
Take the unread magazines to the magazine rack in the den, put the ones I can’t bear to part with on the bookshelf, store the torn-out pages in the binder. (Pinterest’s primitive forefather that we simply can’t seem to part with, though we love its replacement unconditionally 🙂 )
Morgan Harrison Design
But here’s the thing of it: underneath the piles and papers and stacks, the RSVPs to attend to, the notes to write, the things to discuss with hubby, we love our offices.
House to Home
In fact, my hubby and I were once together at a conference where we were asked to imagine ourselves in our “happy place.”
Farinelli Construction
When he said, “Oh, mine is definitely our wedding,” I couldn’t very well say that mine was my office… So let’s just keep that between us.
Andrew Maier Design
Because the office, despite the constant filing and paper turnover, is a spot of order and organization in life, a place of creativity, a place to refresh the soul and the spirit. I’m trying not to use the cliche, but it can’t be helped… There’s simply nothing like a room of one’s own.
Lucy and Company
That’s why it deserves to be beautifully, frightfully, deliciously organized — and we deserve it too!
Elizabeth Kimberly Design
Tomorrow morning we’ll be at it again. Sorting and storing the strays that accumulated over the weekend. But, in the end, it will all be worth it. Because, when the desk is clear, the lights are bright and the computer is on, there really isn’t a happier place!
Wishing you a happy in Monday in — of course — your happy place!


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