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We absolutely love hearing from all of you, our chic, fabulous readers! When one of you emailed us recently to ask us to do a post about art for the staircase, we couldn’t have been more thrilled! As it turns out, we are working on art for the staircase of the Beaufort house. (Had you forgotten about that it has been so long… Yup. Still working away! Eighteen months and counting.)
LDa Architects
So, so many different things can be done with the art in a stairway.
Chinoiserie Chic
But, if you ask us, groupings of prints, pictures or several small paintings tend to work the best.
Phoebe Howard
All we know, is we pity the person who had to hang this grouping. Architectural prints strategically placed around sconces make this stairwell incredibly beautiful. We’re drooling a little…
Phoebe Howard
We love picture groups of all different shapes and sizes, especially when their frames are uniform.
Catalano Architects
Of course, in some spaces, one, statement piece of art is all it takes. And it doesn’t have to be formal. We’re thinking of using an antique surfboard at one of the turns in Beaufort.
Mark Finlay Architects
In direct contrast to a wall of prints of all different shapes and sizes, the symmetry of several distinct pieces in a row is sleek and clean.
Toby Tobin via House Beautiful
We don’t think we’ve ever actually seen a mirror collection like this one up a stairway in real life — and it’s fabulous! Light, bright and oh-so airy.
Ruard Veltman via House Beautiful
These sconces are a simple, uncluttered accent for the stairs — and we bet they are so elegant when lit.
Phoebe Howard
This stair-stepped look is one of my personal favorites. And it’s practical. It’s easy to get a good view of each picture as you ascend — and the person hanging this grouping is slightly less miserable than the one hanging those huge groupings up top! (But we have a feeling people complain less to Phoebe Howard than they would to us…)
Timothy Whealon via Veranda
For a super clean look, turning woodwork into art is a beautiful bet. It adds interest and architectural detail without overwhelming the eye.
Ciao Newport Beach
We see photo groupings often on stairs. We adore capturing family memories in a gallery, and, depending on the mood and feel of the house, the stairway can be a good place to do so. (This reader already has a family gallery elsewhere, though!)
NY TImes
We think this is seriously cool. Three-dimensional art is a favorite of ours, and, in a staircase this expansive, it works beautifully.
Elsa Soyers
Wow! This staircase is calming and uniform.
Oscar de la Renta’s Home
We love them all, but, if we had to pick a favorite… Oscar, you had us at coral. The three-dimensional art with a coastal feel is amazing!
We hope you found something inspiring for your staircase today!
Thanks for sharing your Thursday with us!

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