APD Architects
So many elements combine to make a beautiful entrance hall.
Hudson Interiors
The lighting, the rugs, the art…

Lee Ann Thornton
Those little entrance hall nooks are some of our favorite spots in the house. 

Julie Nightingale Design
They’re warm, cozy and even a little bit unexpected
Phoebe Howard Design
Sometimes, though, those tiny nooks that can be so eye-catching, charming and welcoming, can be a little difficult to decorate.
Mark Finlay Architect

That’s why we are such fans of benches in the entrance hall.

Elle Decor

Benches are that perfect, versatile piece that work pretty much anywhere.

McGill Design Group
For a feeling of openness and light, a bench sans arms keeps the view open and unencumbered.

Timothy Whealon Design
When space allows, by far our favorite piece in an entrance hall is an upholstered bench with a back. Suddenly, the entrance hall becomes a destination, a place for resting, not just passing through.

Classic Casual Home
A piece with an open back is still inviting but occupies less visual space.

Phoebe Howard Design
We’re big fans of symmetry — and a pair of benches in a pair of windows. So it goes without saying that this is an entrance hall we would choose!

Joy Tribout Design

What do you have in your entrance hall?

Thanks so much for visiting with us today!