It is our all-time favorite color combination.
But then, we probably say that about all our color combinations…
But, seriously, we’re pretty sure that, when it comes to the pinnacle of chic, gold and white takes the cake.
Matthew Williams Photography
Glamorous kitchens,
Breathtaking entryways,
Showstopping shoes,
And getting ready in style,
All look better in gold and white.
It is one of those rare color combinations that can be both starkly simple…
And totally ornate.
And when it glitters,
Gold and white can’t help but steal the show.
Even if it’s the double take that does it.

A spiritual leader…

And a leader in style… Both set the tone for a glittering weekend. Even their timeless words look better in gold and white!
Thanks for letting us be a part of your day, friends!


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