We’re all for winter. Really we are. Fires and hot chocolate and a few good snows for sledding.
But then, some time around now, we start dreaming of warm sun on our faces, toes in the sand, putting the winter coats into storage.
And we’re ready for either Spring or a warm vacation ASAP.
We think Malibu would do nicely.
If Tobi Tobin happened to invite us to her Malibu home, we wouldn’t decline the invitation.
We wouldn’t mind curling up on these couches, windows open, breeze pouring in in a soothing way, not a get-another-blanket kind of way.
We would feel right at home amidst the charming touches and laid-back decor.
Yup. We think this place would be perfect for our Spring break.
A charming breakfast nook with the sun streaming in…
Fresh flowers on the nightstand…
This house knows just how to welcome guests.
Are you dreaming of warm breezes and bare feet today? 
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Source: Lonny


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