If you’re dreaming of a warm-weather getaway right now, join the club! 
It has been just warm enough for the past couple of days here in NC to have us dreaming of those long, light days…
And we can’t think of many things more fabulous than lying by this pool! Those loungers are amazing! Now all we need is a cabana boy to slip a frozen cocktail right in our hands.
The beams in this kitchen add so much interest. Don’t you just love those bar stools? Talk about clever! We’re wondering why we hadn’t thought to put a handle on the back sooner… Solutions to life’s little inconveniences. 
This is just the kind of place we’d want to be invited to a dinner party. It’s so fun — right down to the flower arrangements! When the room is just a little whimsical it’s so much easier to sit back, relax and enjoy the evening.
Um. Wow. There are staircases. And then there are staircases. That makes a grand statement when you walk in!
Speaking of statements… The house is fabulous, sure. But that view is totally unparalleled. 
Roaring fire, stunning views, cozy window seat… These are a few of our favorite things!
But sunken bathtubs might be even more favorite than that!
Amidst the hushed palette and subdued tones of this lovely home, this family certainly didn’t forget about the kids! What a fun place to catch a little shut-eye between long days of sand castles and skim boarding.
Outdoor kitchens are such an integral part of a seaside home. And, with these amazing flower arrangements, we’d say this family is ready for a party!
Thanks so much for making us a part of your day. And thanks for bearing with us while we’re making some changes. A few weeks from now everything should be running smoothly and better than ever!

Source: Christ and Associates Architect


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