Welcome to Wednesday! And to this fabulous Gideon Mendelson home that is sure to liven up your hump day. This would be a lovely spot to enjoy some morning oatmeal. Little Will and I would both definitely want to sit on the banquette side. I like my oats steel cut with apple butter. He likes his rolled with pumpkin and cinnamon. (Big Will only likes coffee until noon. He doesn’t care how important everyone else thinks breakfast is.)


Seeing all of these gorgeous fresh vegetables out on the counter makes us want to slice them up and enjoy! And isn’t a KitchenAid mixer like jewelry for the counter? I like to keep mine out because I think it inspires me to bake. I have a new rule that I can’t have sweet things in the kitchen unless I’ve made them myself… It’s going to be a low sugar life, I think!



















Everyone’s always so preoccupied with the TV room. What about the reading room? We would want to spend loads of time in hear perusing our personal library. A fresh, new stack of decor books would always be welcome on this table!


When picking a shade to run throughout the decor, it’s easy to pick a safe choice. But we love this bold chartreuse! 


It’s shocking how that perfect tone adds life but isn’t so shocking.


Even the color of the plant seems to pick it up. And that pattern is perfect!


 Isn’t this coffee table amazing?!


This precise shade of blue is one of our favorites. So soothing and fresh.

9 The mix of art in this house is so appealing — as is this incredibly charming nook! What a great spot for a glass of wine at the end of the day!


What an amazing playroom! (Homework room?) The light fixture steals the show, but we’re always fans of window seats.


Mudrooms are just practical for modern living. And this one is so chic as well. It’s the perfect place to stash all those shoes that seem to accumulate by the back door.


Love this runner! The pattern is perfect for hiding the wear and tear that the carpet will inevitably get.


The mix of old and new in this room is just right!


Barn doors are always a welcome addition — especially in such a fun shade!


 This wall of prints adds such a burst of color to this room.


 We have such an affinity for twin beds and this pair is simply perfect! We adore this entire room.


This is such a lovely master suite — and check out that balcony! I actually think I might prefer my oats out there…


Even the outside is well accessorized — as well it should be! This porch has us pining for warm weather!


The double ottoman look has always been one of our favorites — second only to garden seats as end tables! They are so useful for breaking up a matching furniture set and personalizing the look.

Thanks for the Wednesday inspiration, Gideon Mendelson. And thanks to all of you for sharing your day with us! 

We’re just a couple of days away from unveiling our new look! We can’t wait to share it with all of you!

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