In homes, it’s no different than in an interview or a date: That first impression says it all. And we could tell before we even “stepped” inside the front door of this gorgeous Sullivan’s Island home that it was going to be the perfect combination of laid back and fabulous. That coveted line of trees let us know right away that we were entering somewhere special — but the fact that they’re palms also says that it’s going to be fun!
The wood paneling in this home conjures that great, laid-back, beach house style, where nobody takes sand too seriously. After all, that sisal is made to be vacuumed!
Slip-covered furniture should be required at a vacation home. It’s not really a vacation if you’re worried about someone spilling! We have a couple of slip-covered pieces in the Beaufort house, but we really wish we’d done more.
One of our favorite things about this home is that it’s so open without feeling cavernous. It allows for such great natural light flow in every nook and cranny.
This mirror grouping is so fun! These tall ceilings and multiple furniture groupings make it a place where everyone can play.

We can just imagine board games on a rainy afternoon up here!

We just adore brussels sprouts as decorations. We’re glad someone else feels the same way! (We’re iffy on eating them… But they’re not as bad as their reputation.)
This is such a great, tucked-away corner for a little grown-up entertaining.
The brilliance of the double island here isn’t lost on us. Especially in homes with kids, you’ve got to be able to cook and eat at the same time. What a great idea!
Every beach house kitchen needs a breakfast bar. There’s no time for sitting down at the table when there’s all that sand waiting right outside!
Two dishwashers, two faucets, and a huge farmhouse sink means there’s plenty of room for everyone. No such thing as “too many cooks” in this kitchen!
This is such a great, space-saving way to accommodate two sinks. And the rope mirrors are a chic, nautical touch. 
We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek around this home as much as we have. We hope your week is going great!
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