Georgeann Rivas and Stephanie Wirth of Leo Designs believe that interior design enhances people’s lives.
And, in glimpsing their gorgeous designs, we really couldn’t agree more.
Their rooms have such appeal. They are finished and beautiful, but, at the same time, warm and cozy.
So many rooms create an affect that has us oohing and aahing — and these are no exception.
But what really sets them apart is that we would want to live in them. And that’s really the trick to good interior design, isn’t it?
Stunning architectural details and a little imagination turn a tiny nook that could have been little more than dead space into what we know would be one of the most-used spots in our homes.
Don’t you just want to plop down here and stay for, well, pretty much forever? We can’t get over those big, fuzzy poufs!
This bedside is so clean and elegant that I can hardly wait to run disassemble the mountain of books stacked on my nightstand… Just a few snips of green add so much life here. We’re always worrying about arranging flowers, but this is so easy, so beautiful and easy to achieve all year long!
Banquettes, chandeliers and farmhouse tables are all things we love! So combining them is such a fabulous idea! And nothing signals spring like a stunning pitcher full of tulips.
A large breakfast room table is just the best! Then you can cook and serve and talk all at the same time. And when it’s just friends, great company counts way more than your fancy dining room!
Ahhh… the butler’s pantry. The only thing that could make this one better is if it came with the butler!
Stunning range! Form and function are such a wonderful combination!

Dreamy, dreamy kitchen, whether you’re a chef or not…
Leo Designs has good taste knocked when it comes to staid, calming, primary residences. But these designers prove their versatility in vacation homes that maintain that classic look while being fun!
We just love the idea of having a huge basket full of flip flops for guests! They’re cute and cheap and colorful and if you come visit us in Beaufort this summer there might just be a pair for you!
We’ve always been back and forth about the mono-colored book situation. But this is how you do it right! These are real titles, with real spines, not just a bunch of matching covers. So cute!
This fun, fishy bathroom is so precious for kids! We know they absolutely love it. We hope you’ve absolutely loved getting a taste of Leo Designs. We know we have! 
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