You all know we love hearing from you, our fun and fabulous readers! So we were so excited when our friend Melissa contacted us about her awesome new Florida home — and the seagrass chairs she was hoping to put in it.
We were so excited because we LOVE seagrass chairs! Love. them. Whether they are accented in natural fibers like these…
Or made completely of a chunky weave, we just can’t get enough of them — especially in a seaside home.

Lee Ann Thornton Interiors
They are so cute in an entire natural fiber grouping like this.

GCI Design

Or this!

Marshall Watson Interiors
We absolutely adore seagrass chairs for dining. We saw some like these at the last High Point Market, and were frantically rearranging in our heads to try to find a place for them!

This huge, chunky weave is fabulous, and we love how these chairs are mixed with other wooden and upholstered furniture.
A little peek at this dining table!
Richard Hallberg Interiors
The thing we love most about seagrass chairs is that they’re so fun! They definitely don’t take themselves too seriously.
Richard Hallberg Interiors
We feel like they beckon us to come relax…
Lee Ann Thornton Interiors
By the tub, perhaps? 
Melissa, we hope these photos help you in your quest for the perfect seagrass chairs! We know whatever you choose will be amazing.
And, if any of you would like to see something here on Design Chic, please just ask! We love to hear about your projects and plans. Happy Monday to all of you!


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