Oh my goodness… Are we ever crazy about design books! So we were so excited when Holly Holden contacted us to review her new book The Pretty and Proper Living Room. The hot pink cover is a great first start! Because who can ever have enough pink? We know we can’t!


 Since we’re a mother/daughter team, we especially love the premise of this book: Holly originally compiled all her fabulous advice from more than 25 years of classic design experience to teach her daughter how to decorate her first “Big Girl House.” Don’t you just love that? So now we all get to reap the benefits of Holly’s fabulous advice! 


 The book is a rich how-to guide with tons of advice and — wait for it — more than 1,000 photos! Aristocratic accessories, old guard furniture and rugs, and stately writing and wall art comprise the three sections of this book, and, as these sneak-peek photos show, Holly has some fabulous advice about how to utilize statement pieces that will be beautiful forever. The silver that has been passed down for generations, pottery, picture frames and pillows… These are only a few of the things that Holly discusses how to use properly.


 Holly combines her experience as a designer, a mother and a hostess to detail what every formal living room must have. And, fortunately for us, all of the mistakes to avoid! I wish I had had all of that wisdom when I was decorating my first house! 



Holly strives to create decor that is beautiful forever by integrating timeless pieces and avoiding faux pas that, as we all probably know too well, can stay with us for way too long. We think The Pretty and Proper Living Room is a must-have for every well-stocked design book library. (Or anywhere a hot-pink coffee table accessory is appropriate!) 

You can learn more about the book over at Pretty and Proper!

We hope your weekend was so fabulous and thank you for making us a part of your Monday!