If you’re searching for fabulous decorating ideas today, look no further! The good taste of Nancy Boszhardt Design is sure to be full of inspiration.


She is one of those rare designers that excels at everything from traditional design to modern design to country homes that make you want to stay far beyond the weekend.


One look at this amazing kitchen and it’s immediately evident that this designer doesn’t leave any detail to chance. The double stacked cabinets and stunning ceilings are only a couple of the amazing elements in this pretty kitchen. Talk about decorating ideas!


This is one well-appointed butler’s pantry! The wood is so warm and beautiful.


Dining in style is never as nice as in your own eat-in kitchen. Where else would have this much personality?


What a luxurious bathroom! It’s practically where the day ends and begins, so it should make you happy. We know this one is huge, but it’s so well done, it gives us a few small bathroom design ideas too! Even tiny spaces can be full of fluffy, lush towels and sophisticated finishes.


We know we couldn’t help but be inspired in this bathtub.


 Bedroom design is obviously another place where Nancy Boszhardt excels. What should a bedroom be if not a luxurious haven?


Stunning linens and a lovely desk are two of our favorite things in any bedroom design.


 But no bedroom could be sweeter than a baby bedroom! No matter how many you already have it could almost make you want another one…


 And when he grows up just a little… this built-in bed in a cozy nook is a little boy’s dream!


This boat hanging from the ceiling is one of the coolest home decorating ideas we’ve seen! This is our kind of beautiful indoor pool.