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Ali Cayne’s Townhouse

We’ve always thought that getting to live within the hustle, bustle and everything-at-your-fingertips of the City meant giving up something else — plenty of room for your kids, outdoor space, a place for your own garden.

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But Ali Cayne’s downtown townhouse, envisioned, designed and implemented totally by her, proves that, when it comes to living in Manhattan, you can have it all.

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Gorgeous architectural details, (and those floors!) loads of sunlight and spacious rooms make this incredible townhouse live large and open.

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Without, of course, sacrificing those cozy nooks that we are so very partial too. Don’t you want to take a break with one of those books in this sunny spot right now?

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Fun and cozy and just modern enough, anyone would love to hang out in this room!

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This fabulous office houses an inspiration board that is so very artistic. There’s no excuse not to feel inspired when surrounded by things you love!

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Cayne is the founder of New York City’s Haven’s Kitchen, a restaurant, event space and cooking school that focuses on seasonal, sustainable food. (We are now DYING to go there. It will be our first stop on our next NYC trip!)

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So it makes sense that the focal point of the heart of her home is a fabulous outdoor garden space. 

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Cayne says that the entire idea of this house is to feed and nourish people. And with five children, we know she has plenty of opportunity to do just that! We wish we were heading to her house to eat that delicious-looking meal she’s making!

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We just adore all of the stunning details that Cayne chose when redesigning her new home. This gray and brass is one of our favorite color combinations.

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 It is clear that this is a cook’s kitchen! What a range!

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We’re such huge fans of gallery walls — especially ones like this that don’t concern themselves with straight lines or perfect groupings. They are such an ideal place for self expression.

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 Cayne never thought she’d choose black for her bedroom, but the white bed and plenty of light make the choice a beautiful one.


A busy mom and businesswoman needs a space to clear her head at the end of a long day. We think this tub with a view would do nicely!

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This chic rooftop garden houses berries, lettuce and sunflowers… and makes me think of how desperately I hope my little garden grows this year!

Cayne has definitely given us some pointers on style today — and City living. We can’t wait to visit Haven’s Kitchen and let her teach us a thing or two about sustainable cooking as well!

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Source: Domino Mag