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Garden Variety

This weekend we think it’s safe to say it’s official: Spring is here! The weather was warm, the sun was shining, and we were inspired to stay home and get the yard ready for Spring.

kitchen garden
Hilton Vanderhorn Architects

Last year, I wrote about how excited I was about the prospect of planting seeds in the yard and growing our very own crops right out our back door. We wrote all about pretty food gardens and how fun that was going to be.

kitchen garden
Sellick and Saxton

And, yup. It was pretty. Those sweet, lovely 4×4 boxes looked really nice with their fresh soil. All. Summer. Long. We seriously had like two green sprigs — pretty cute carrots. But not much to show for all that hard work.

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Walnut’s Farm

We blamed little Will, mostly because it’s easy to blame an 18-month old. And partially because his two favorite activities were stirring the garden with his little trowel and watering it with his watering can a little more often than necessary.

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Country Living

We also blamed the spot in our yard for not having enough sunlight. The soil for not having enough depth. Pretty much everything we could think to blame except ourselves.

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Beautiful Garden Decors

So, yesterday, we decided to take the plunge again. Little Will only wanted to plant pears and purple plums. So he’s going to be pretty bummed at the spinach, lettuce, kale and carrots that start (hopefully) popping up instead. 

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Filmaker M. Night Shyamaian’s kitchen garden

And we’re pretty hopeful this year because, he’s very restrained with the stirring/watering, we moved the boxes to a sunnier spot, we used tons more soil and, oh yeah, we realized that last year we put in enough seeds for probably 50 acres.

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UK Garden Blog

 This year, I’m feeling hopeful that our little square foot gardens are going to green and lush. A little more like this…

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The Garden Buzz

They will be the perfect place to curl up on a garden bench and dream about picking our beautiful produce.

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Hatfield House

Or chase a toddler around as he runs his John Deere tractor in what he and his daddy call “high gear.” Oh well, at least there will still be soothing fountain noise trickling in the background…

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Daily Mail UK

We get super overzealous every year when we do this, thinking that we’ve totally got this knocked now, that we are going to become master gardeners, living off the land, probably with a chicken coop stashed in some far corner of the yard.

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Home Close

I imagine myself Gwyneth Paltrow-esque, picking my salad ingredients straight from my garden, everyone in the family taking part in the ritual and living off the land.

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Garden Variety Design

I convince myself that I absolutely must have a garden shed for all of the lovely tools I’m going to need. 

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Oddur Thorrisson Photography

And, oh yes, I imagine this as my harvest from my little garden and how self-sustaining we’re going to be. (There are little Will’s pears!)

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Joshua Trent

 Then I see Joshua Trent’s planting guide and start to second guess. So I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned to see if anything sprouts…

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Garden Web

 If you’re thinking about planting your own garden this year and gaining your own Gwyneth glow, here’s a helpful little chart. Good luck! Keep us posted. Hope you are all enjoying the start to your Spring