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I feel like I’ve used this exact phrase at some earlier time in this blog, but, sometimes, things are worth saying twice: If it’s good enough for Monticello, it’s good enough for us.

The Lane Group

The wing terraces and uppermost balustrade at Thomas Jefferson’s place is one of the first references that comes to mind when we think of “Chinese Chippendale.”

John B. Murray Architect

And, looking at these incredible porches, we know for sure it’s one of those defining architectural details with staying power.

Stacey Brandford Photography

The pattern adds so much elegance and curb appeal to the outside of any house.


Old House Online
It’s that extra special little touch that makes a home incredibly welcoming.
Bird Mansion, Beverly Hils via Architectural Digest

And looks just as good today as it did in the 18th century.

chippendale patrcik ahearn architect
Patrick Ahearn Architect

Outside, it’s a fun departure from the same old thing,


And, indoors, it creates an instant focal point.

chipendale to be virginan
To Be A  Virginian

We adore Chinese Chippendale banisters for their sense of openness — and the fact that a toddler is never going to be able to somehow wedge his or head in it. (You have to think about these things when designing a home!)

chipendale amelia handegan deisgn
Amelia Handegan Design

A tiny touch on a door keeps the view wide open and the light pouring in while still adding that spark of something special…

1 chip tory burch store madison ae
Tory Burch Store Madison Avenue New York

And in metallics it creates a sense of opulence and grandeur that is unparallelled. (Would you expect anything less from Tory Burch’s stunning Madison Avenue showroom?)

chippendale alessandra branca
Alessandra Branca

Chinese Chippendale is the perfect solution for this room, where a boundary needs to exist but closing off the room would feel so wrong. And we love that extra punch of red.

1 chip meg braff chippendale-chic-l
Meg Braff Design

Of course, changing your entire home isn’t necessary. Adding a piece or two of Chinese Chippendale furniture lends the look, no contractor required. We’re always on the lookout for a fun new update to our decor — we know you are too! 

Mom is at the High Point Furniture Market today (the first one I’ve missed in years!) scouting out some fabulous new finds! I’m very, very sad not to be there, but thank goodness for texting! I’ve gotten quite a few updates, and, if you’re there, it looks like there are some amazing new goodies for Spring. We’re feeling like it’s high time for some serious Spring cleaning — followed by a little bit of home improvement. Life is too short not to spend it surrounded by things you love! Right? We hope whatever you’re doing today, you’re feeling fresh and inspired. (With just a touch of Spring fever!)