color aqua nyc lux


With the Easter Bunny making his arrival in a couple of short weeks and the weather getting warmer by the minute, we think it’s high time we started dreaming in pastel.

color aqua laduree
Laduree – Kay Leigh Pope Photographer


And what could be dreamier (or more delicious!) than Laduree. (Easter Bunny, fill our baskets with macaroons — in our favorite water blues, please.)

color aqua mark hampton
Mark Hampton


This aqua palace looks like it was made for dreaming in any season…

color aqua la maison gray
La Maison Gray


But if we had a choice, right now we think we’d pick Spring.

color aqua fleaing france
Fleaing France


The time for curling up with a good book in the fresh air,

color aqua citroen DS
Citroen DS


Getting Spring fever and heading for the great outdoors,

Alexis Bitter Jewelry


And celebrating all of the most wonderful things in life.

color aqua charlseston
Charleston, SC


We don’t know about you, but we’re starting our Spring celebration with a little visit to the lovely Charleston, SC.

color aqua miles redd
Miles Redd Design

We’ll be spending part of the time soaking up the sun in the charming and relaxing Isle of Palms not too far down the road. And we just can’t wait to feel that warm sand underfoot. 

color aqua the figs of life
Figs of Life


Because between the beautiful and unexpected treasures that nature has to offer, 

color aqua james carriere pho angela free design01-hbx-aqua-and-white-striped-bathroom-free-0612-lgn
James Carriere PhotographyAngela Free Design


And those fabulous indoor elements that the best seaside homes possess, you really can’t argue that, no matter the season…

color aqua classic and colorfua


Whatever your weekend holds, we hope it’s like a trip to the beach!