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 If you’re like us, you absolutely adore indoor plants. 

plant veranda  house interiors
Veranda House Interiors

Not only do they look beautiful and bring the outdoors in, but they are so great for cleaning the interior air. 

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Lonny – Genevieve Garruppo Photography

 The only drawback to indoor plants is that, if you’re like us, you can’t seem to keep them alive… 

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 That’s why we are so intrigued by services like Gaddy’s Indoor Plant Hire, that actually assess your home or work environment, suggest plants, ensure that they are in the right places, in the right containers and then, yup, actually keep them alive! We could seriously benefit from something like that because we love plants so much!

Timothy Whealon

 We love that they are beautiful and inexpensive accessories — especially if you grow them in your own yard — but are even more excited by the idea that help control indoor pollution. 

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 English ivy, Spider plants, Gerbera daisies, Bamboo Palm and Peace Lilies are all fantastic, easy-to-find plants that do serious double-duty as air purifiers. (Well, according to NASA!)

Lonny Magazine

 I got really into this idea right before little Will was born, and, as a result, we now have plants in pretty much every room. I had to get sort of creative at first. We have plants in the epergne in the living room, brass planters in the den, cachepots on the bedside tables… You get the idea. And I have gotten better at keeping them alive. I said better. Not perfect.

Patrick Ahearn Architecture

 Just like in this kitchen, it’s amazing how easy it is to sneak pretty living things into the decor. 

Lonny Magazine

 And it’s so fun to get to discover pretty pots and planters as you’re going along. (And even more fun for little people to get to help keep them alive with their Mickey watering cans!)

Lonny Magazine

Table centerpieces are always more beautiful with something living. So why not bring one of those beautiful potted plants inside? Do you keep plants in your house?

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