It’s not very often that we stumble upon an incredible shop and think, “We love absolutely everything in here!” So, when we do, we just have to shout it from the rooftops!


 Lady Builder Shops is, without a doubt, one of the shops that totally resonated with us right off the bat. I mean, just look at this amazing dining room! (You have to go check them out. They are so chic and stylish you know just looking at them that they have gorgeous taste!)

Josephine Mirror

 These fabulous ladies are behind Thomas Homes of Hinsdale, and, in an attempt to place amazing things in the homes they were building, they started this incredible store, filled with goodies like this starburst mirror!

Gerard Bar Cart in Gold and Mirror

 Here’s how you know a shop is meant for you: It already has a lot of pieces that you have in your own home. This bar cart, for example, is in the dining room at the Beaufort house…

Marchmont Sideboard

 And this adorable sideboard is actually in Mom and Dad’s bedroom! It’s super cool! The work is so intricate — and it weighs about a ton and a half.

Driftwood Orb Chandelier

 We’re crazy about this Driftwood Orb that we actually have hanging in our den at the beach. And, let us tell you, the thing is HUGE! Mom and I actually argued for like a month about whether it was going to be too big and whether we should send it back. (I won, mostly because I’m way more stubborn than she is. But — shew! — it’s awesome!)


 Little Will has this adorable chandelier in his bedroom in Beaufort. It’s just right. A little bit rustic but still totally stylish.

Green Oaks Pendant
kitchenCasper Bar Stool

These Casper Bar Stools are in our… yup, you guessed it. Kitchen! We don’t have those precious pendants, but aren’t they just great? So beachy and fun!  We would get three of these and use them over a dining room table.

 Greek key bar cabinet

 This bar cabinets is going on our wishlist immediately if not sooner. That lacquer and gold combination couldn’t possibly be chicer unless…

Worlds Away Gray Marcus Nightstand

 It was in gray! A pair of these would just make a bedroom. Love, love, love!

Boardwalk Shell Jewelry Box

 This Boardwalk Shell Jewelry Box is another sort of deceptive piece. It is such a big, beautiful statement maker. I have it in my bedroom in Beaufort sitting on…

Perseus Console Table

This console table that just happens to be perfect desk height. It is mirrored and too-pretty-for-words in person. Will surprised me with it for my birthday! (I mean, don’t get me wrong, there were quite a few less-than-subtle hints. But men don’t always pick up on those things…)

Conrad White with Gold Greek Key Base

We could base an entire living room around this incredible coffee table. Stunning, stunning, stunning! So, do you see what we mean about Lady Builder Shops? They are going to be one of our go-to, first-stop shops from here on out. (Good thing too… We just pulled the chairs for Will’s playroom out of storage and they are mildewed. Fantastic.)

Whether you’re shopping today or just getting inspired by pretty things, we hope it’s an amazing one! Thanks for making us a part of your day!