Port Alvor, Algarve


 We don’t know about you, but summer always has us dreaming of a little getaway.

port peneco Beach, Albufeira, algarve
Port Peneco Beach, Albufeira, Algarve

 We’ve always heard amazing things about Portugal, but have never actually visited. And these pictures are making us want to hop on a plane right away!

port praia d Rocha, Algarve
Praia d’Rocha, Algarve

Alluring beaches and dramatic scenery are the hallmarks of this incredible country.

portugal algarvae

 Stunning Algarve is full of sandy bays, secluded coves and fabulous resorts for every taste. From fun and lively spots to sleepy fishing villages, it’s one of those places that caters to a variety of travelers. And it’s said to have the best golfing in Europe!


 The stunning island of Madeira has long been on our list of “must visit” places. It has been nicknamed Floating Garden because it’s filled with breathtaking botanicals like these!

port Porta Da Cruz, Madeira
Porta Da Cruz, Madeira

 The town itself is a mix of chic and swanky restaurants and boutiques and traditional markets and cozy tavernas.

Beach in Madeira

 We just adore those destinations where you can get dressed up one day and be totally relaxed the next.

Porto Santo Golf Course

 Teeny, tiny Porto Santo is a traveler’s dream.

Porto Santo Beaches

 The 10-kilometer sandy beach is absolutely stunning and, since it’s a newcomer in the world of travel, it’s pretty much free of tourists!

port vila Baleira, Porto Santo
Vila Baleira, Porto Santo

And the town is full of charming cobbled paths and whitewashed houses.

Praia da Falesia Beach

 Portugal is an absolutely stunning country, and, as a plus, visiting would give me a chance to brush off those five semesters of Portuguese I took in college!

Porto Santo Beach

 But, with beaches like this, the best part of traveling is that we probably wouldn’t have to say much of anything at all!

Do you have any travel plans this summer? What destinations are on your travel bucket list?