Emily Jenkins Photography

 Of all the chic, and all the glamorous, nothing quite compares to the chaise lounge.  For bedroom lounging in comfort in style,

living room
Andrew Flesher Interiors


Or fireplace warming with flair,

Tammy Connor Design

 From the living room,

Suzanne Tucker Design

 To the ultimate in dream closets

Michael Stavaridis Photography

 A chaise lounge is the perfect piece for any space.

Lauren Liess Design

 A chaise is almost a necessity in an office for reasoning out all of those great ideas. (Especially when it’s paired with a sleek glass coffee table.)

Kantelberg + Co.

 And can always double as an extra bed in a spare room. 

Andrew Maier Interiors

 A chaise easily stands alone as a statement-making piece — and shines against a glass backdrop like this.

Laura Resen Photography

 And couldn’t possibly be more necessary anywhere than in the library. 

Windsor Smith Design

It’s such a gorgeous piece at the end of the bed. (And a good way to keep those little soccer stars from bruising you up in the middle of the night!) 

Lee Ann Thornton

 There’s nowhere we’d rather flip on the light, gaze out the window and curl up with a good book.

Phillip Gorrivan Design

 Simple and tailored,

Meg Braff Designs

 Or feminine and skirted, there’s nowhere that the chaise isn’t tres chic!

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