living room

 Good taste is sort of like falling in love. You can’t exactly put your finger on why it happens or how it happens, but, when you find it, you know it right away.


 Which is why we are swooning over Jordan Carlyle’s exquisite taste.


 He has this way of combining natural elements with luscious fabrics and layering them in a way that feels so streamlined and modern. Every last detail in this living room is perfection.


 We just adore vignettes like these, where you have to take a third and even fourth look to really hone in on all the beautiful elements at work. (And I, personally, just love combining silver and gold, so this space gets a big thumbs up from me!)


 This office is so chic and so refined we aren’t sure we could stop staring long enough to get any work done.


 In contrast to many of his more layered looks, Carlyle also delivers minimalist and fabulous in total style.


Every element of this incredible kitchen is perfectly laid out for maximum functionality. And those counters are just stunning.


 Compare any two rooms side by side and the versatility of this designer is immediately evident. Two different kitchens, two different families, two completely different feels.


 Even the children‘s bedrooms are the right mix of chic and playful, something that can be grown into and cherished for years.

home and garden

 The outdoors, as in the insides, are utter perfection.


 Carlyle’s porches are as decadent and refined as the homes they grace, perfectly accessorized for relaxation and style.


Perfectly suited to catch the best light of the day, these loungers and poufs are the ideal accompaniment for relaxing by this decadent pool. The minimalism makes the entire are feel like a total vacation. From top to bottom, inside to out, this designer’s good taste is something we will look to for design inspiration again and again!

Source: Carlyle Designs

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