We weren’t exactly sure what came to mind when we heard the phrase “Great American House.”


 But now, after having the privilege of reading (and seeing) Gil Schafer’s The Great American House, we are quite sure what that entails.


 And, as you can see, it is beyond stunning.


Beautifully orchestrated home and garden scapes, yards fit for training the next generation of football stars and altogether enviable interiors combine to make homes that are worthy of the title “great.”

 These homes are dripping with a sense of history, mostly from Schafer’s use of timeless and historical features in the homes he designs.


Gorgeous reclaimed wood floors, for example, blend old and new seamlessly in these homes.


Each detail is well thought out and seamlessly orchestrated,


 As beautiful as it is functional for family life.


This amazing kitchen gives the feeling of an old farmhouse but with all of the conveniences the modern cook needs.


 And wood beams and ceilings like these only reinforce that sense of comfort.


From the breakfast room,


 To the dining room, Schafer’s homes are truly places where families can come together.


 The woodwork and architectural details in the gorgeous bathroom are definitely worth waking up for…


 And this one is the kind of place perfect for lounging before bed.


And, complete with gardens like this, each of these Gil Schafer homes is a total masterpiece, the kind of place that anyone would be proud to call home. And The Great American House is one of those coffee table books that is destined to become a must-have for every living room. It is a reference that we will go back to again and again for advice on tweaking any room to perfection.

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