Eric Piasecki Photography


Springy, fun, and oh-so fresh, green and white is one of those effortless color combinations that Mother Nature herself dreamed up for us to enjoy.

Stone Gable

 A simple baguette is totally transformed by crisp, white paper and a hint of something green…

Shopbop Tory Burch

And the summer sundress takes on a whole new level of lovely.

Meg Braff Interiors

 Fresh air pouring through the bedroom window seems sweeter on a green and white chaise.

Michael Stavaridis Photography

 In fact, it’s one of those color combinations that has breathing easy all tied up!

Eddie Zaratsian Florist

 From a statement necklace,

HB Home

 To a soothing living room,

 To a cleansing snack that couldn’t be more beautiful (or delicious!),

Michael Stavaridis Photography

Green and white is as modern as it is totally classic.

Rethink Design

 But, beyond anything we could conceive in fashion or interiors, without a doubt, green and white is at its best in beautiful stems like these.

Stone Gable

 (Ooooohhhhh, or maybe in this yummy appetizer!)

Neiman Marcus

Fresh from the hen, fresh from the ground, or fresh from the paint can, we can’t get enough green and white. What about you?

 We hope it’s a wonderful weekend for you all and thanks, as always, for stopping by!


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