In this incredible Harbour Island home, Alessandra Branca proves that she is a woman that can design for any style house — in any climate. 


 This charming, idyllic Bahamas cottage is just the right place for natural fibers and low-maintenance, concrete floors. 


It is filled with beautiful things yet feels completely relaxed, like the kind of place that doesn’t mind a little sand on your bare feet. (And is always ready to greet you with a cocktail after a long day in the sun!)


 The chevron walls in this adorable kitchen give it loads of personality. And the open shelving makes it feel casual and fun.


 Dining doesn’t have to be stuffy. The perfectly aged walls and bamboo chairs give this space that island feel.


 Branca’s signature red really shines in this bedroom. We think twin beds make for the most charming rooms. And that chunky throw is just the right touch to keep it from looking too perfect!


 Glass and mirrors feel just-right in a seaside home. And this incredible vignette is no exception. Everything about this area is perfection. We’ve never seen a chair quite like that!


 This bathroom combines laid-back and luxurious in fabulous fashion. The shell chandelier adds just the right touch of the beach!


 The color of this home has that classic Bahamian feel. The paint is the perfect pink.


 What a perfect place to drop your things after a long day of travel — and head straight to the beach!


 The u-shape of this home and garden space is just perfect for creating incredible porches. These porches certainly don’t disappoint… 


 And neither to the views! Who needs the beach when the porch is this chic?


A charming sitting area separates the home from the sand. Both look like the kind of place we could luxuriate for days and leave all our troubles on the mainland. Wishing you a day just this amazing!

Source: Lonny Magazine

Douglas Friedman Photography



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