We all know that interiors are crucial.


 But, if the outside and landscape don’t match the insides, some of that prime beautiful space feels so wasted!


 No one knows this better than Hollander Landscape Architects. One glance at this amazing patio, and it’s clear that these professionals understand that the outdoor space in the home is equally as important as any living room decor.


 The beach view from a bluff is always amazing, but, sometimes it takes a little bit of work to get there. When the walk is as calming and soothing as this one, the journey truly is as magnificent as the destination.

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A stunning walkway complements the interior of a home. 


 And a private patio becomes the best place in the house to share that morning coffee.


 A contemplative garden for walking and thinking is even better with that crunch under foot.


 And a comfy space in which to enjoy the view expands the indoor entertaining space.


We enjoy the calming sound of a fountain almost as much as the sight of it. It’s like being on a spa vacation in your own backyard!


 A pool can be such an added bonus in an amazing landscape — and Hollander Landscape Architects know how to create one that becomes an instant focal point.




 A pretty gate makes the yard feel like a special occasion. 


And a flower border is nothing if not incredibly welcoming. 


 Pulling in the driveway of this incredible home wouldn’t make nearly as large of an impression without this impeccable landscaping.


And the view of a pool is never as serene as when it’s lit at night. And those umbrellas during the day? Total perfection!

We don’t know about you, but we’re inspired to do a little work on our own yards now! Indoors or out, wishing you a fantastic day! 


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