Dear Carolina


Hi guys! We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled design loveliness to share the cover of my new novel, forthcoming from Berkley, a division of Penguin Random House, on 5.5.15. And I am so excited, so I just had to share a little sneak peek of my cover with all of you. Here’s a little “back cover” blurb, so you can see what it’s about!

One baby girl.

Two strong Southern women.

And the most difficult decision they’ll ever make.

 Frances “Khaki” Mason has it all: a thriving interior design career, a loving husband and son, homes in North Carolina and Manhattan—everything except the second child she has always wanted. Jodi, her husband’s nineteen-year-old cousin, is fresh out of rehab, pregnant, and alone. Although the two women couldn’t seem more different, they forge a lifelong connection as Khaki reaches out to Jodi, encouraging her to have her baby. But as Jodi struggles to be the mother she knows her daughter deserves, she will ask Khaki the ultimate favor…

 Written to baby Carolina, by both her birth mother and her adoptive one, this is a story that proves that life circumstances shape us but don’t define us—and that families aren’t born, they’re made…

The sweet, lovely and talented New York Times bestselling author, Jodi Thomas said, “Kristy Woodson Harvey weaves a story around characters with rich, complicated lives we all identify with…beautifully shows how a family comes to be.  Not only by blood, but also by choice.”

In the spirit of books, some of my FABULOUS author friends have very generously donated copies of their latest books. Take a second to share Dear Carolina‘s cover and be entered to win a bevy of books! This is seriously like a year’s worth of prime, grade A, crazy good fiction from the hottest authors on the scene. Check it out! 

Sarah McCoy: The Baker’s Daughter

Anita Hughes: Lake Como

Pam Jenoff: The Winter Guest

Lesley Kagen: The Resurrection of Tess Blessing

Erin Celello: Learning to Stay

Cathy Lamb: A Different Kind of Normal

Kelly Harms: The Goodluck Girls of Shipwreck Lane

Beth Hoffman: Looking for Me

Kathryn Craft: The Art of Falling

Kate Moretti: Thought I Knew You

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