natur fiber melanie turn interio emily followill phogot
Melanie Turner Interior – Emily Followill Photography

 Sisal, seagrass, or jute… we love all natural fiber rugs.  They are casual, chic, easy to maintain and perfect for every room in the house, from the living room to the bedroom.

Lynn Morgan Design

 They make a formal living room feel just a little more livable,

wood (floor
Lillian August Design–  Emily Followill Photography

 and are perfect with any furniture or fabric.  Plus, what could complement a wood floor better?

Terra Cotta Properties

 We love that the jute rug covers most of the floor, but allows the warmth of the wood floors to show along the edges.

abstract art
Lauren Leiss Design

The diamond pattern of this sisal is a favorite as is black and white abstract art. Adore the painting!

flower (orchid a favo flower
Sally Wheat Interiors

 Sally Wheat always gets it right. Orchids are a favorite flower, so pretty and delicate.

Ruard Veltman Architecture

Books add a wonderful touch of color to this otherwise neutral space, and the sisal rug adds texture – we know where we would be reading!

Munger Interiors

The curvy pattern in the natural fiber rug adds a casual touch and a softness to the straight lines of the wood paneled shiplap boards.  What a great space for family gatherings!

Sally Wheat Interiors

What boy wouldn’t love this bedroom?  A stripe rug layered over the sisal repeats the paint color and adds interest to the floor.  How fun is the ceiling?  We hope your weekend is equally as fun.  Thank you for visiting us today!