Good morning, friends! We’re excited to share this fun post with you today from HOM. Interiors, serving New York, Newport, Palm Beach, Waverly… and everywhere in between! This home tour is total eye candy, especially for the lover of our favorite neutral. And, while the house is amazing, we have to admit that we like that last photo the best. Enjoy!
Welcome to Greenwich in 50 Shades of Grey.
Paul from HOM. Interiors had first decorated the couple’s elegant city townhouse for just the two of them. Then, with a 3 year old girl, another baby on the way, and a little dog too, it was time for them to move where there was a little more green. So off to Glamorous Green Greenwich they went!
The couple built a custom made house that HOM. Interiors designed and as Paul says laughingly and lovingly…from “Dirt to Drapes”.All agreed on Greys as the neutral tone of the HOM. Even the outside was drenched in a rich shade of grey which blends into the beautiful grey stone around the pool area and the mixed stone on the porch columns.Paul is certain there are more than 50 Shades of Grey once you start taking into consideration the Fabrics, the Paint, the Carpets, the Marbles, the Pillows, and the hairs on his head!! But all intermingle smoothly and seamlessly from room to room. As Paul says, with open space house designs becoming more and more in vogue, it is crucial that they flow not just in function, but in feeling, color and also that site lines refer to each other, not fight each other. This is now a HOM. that will see this family grow and will remain just as Cool and Classic in its Shades of Grey from Today through to the Future!
The EXTERIOR of the house begins the Grey theme. It is accented with a strong white contrast as well as strokes of black that enhance like touches of “mascara” to the house. The Verandah wraps completely around the front and the right side of the house with French doors off the Study and Dining Room and then ending at the backyard and Pool and Patio for a house that lives Indoor and Out.
Inside, the FORMAL LIVING ROOM starts the mix of Greys. These are all contrasted with a double sided fireplace wall that is lacquered in Piano Black for drama.  The chairs in the foreground are antiques the owners brought back from their time living in London. Paul from HOM. Interiors had the seats re-upholstered and added bolster pillows that tied into the other custom pillows and drapes. The walls are a soft London foggy grey.
Adjoining the Living Room, the DINING ROOM continues the hushed grey walls and the Piano Black lacquered fireplace wall that adds a beautiful reflective twinkle for evening dining. The steel doors, which divide the Living and Dining Rooms, were custom made to add a touch of the modern and to create a little tension juxtaposed next to the classic and strong molding details. The French doors fly open to the wrap around Verandah.  And again, as the dining table is actually reclaimed railroad ties with a glass top and a polished chrome base, there is once more the contrast of New, Old, Glamour and yes, a little humble, that define this HOM’s personality.
The FAMILY ROOM gathers the family and lots of Shades of Grey. A wood burning fireplace with a clever framed photograph of ” Smoke ” above it makes certain there is always a flame in the hearth, while the French doors breeze out to the Pool and Patio area.  The white coffered ceiling has panels of contrasting grey which also blankets the back of the bookshelves. A grey sectional and grey plush carpet makes this Family Room cozy even if it is a grey day.
Screenshot 2014-10-01 21.18.45
The grey houndstooth rattan chairs were a must for the KITCHEN table the moment they were spotted. The precise millwork of the kitchen cabinetry is fully lacquered in white and two Shades of Grey. The giant slab behind the stove is carrera marble as is the 2″x4″ beveled subway tile backsplash. Both create a riot of other greys.
The grey flecked and white countertops that are all quartz for ease of cleaning and heavy use add to the Shades of Grey contrasted with a stark white. Keeping things elegant…but in a rougher way, the overhead lighting fixtures are steel mesh in elegant shapes that add an industrial note to the bright Kitchen.
Screenshot 2014-10-01 21.19.17
The BUTLER’S PANTRY is poured in Grey over the ceiling and down the walls. The wall with the sweet oval window is covered in custom antiqued mirror which adds even more twinkle to the formal dining. The hammered metal bar sink also adds a wonderful reflection.
The FOYER adds more deep grey on the walls, but is ever so lightened with the strong white contrast of the high wainscoting. The commissioned art squares are each embellished with mirror, beads, rhinestones or other beautiful reflective materials to further add Glamor to the Greenwich HOM.
The totally wood paneled STAIRCASE in white is like a beacon of light beaming right through the middle of the Greys, even as the custom stair carpeting adds 50 More Shades of Grey. And yes, in a place of honor, is a wire metal sculpture of the family’s “Little Dog, too”…watching over all from her pedestal!
The husband’s STUDY says classic, but cool. All of the custom millwork is lacquered in Texas oil black as he is originally from Houston. But the objets d’art in the shelves are a strong bold silver as are the mirror and desk which together add a ” star” like effect in the black sky room.
The Floors are reclaimed wood and the door leads to the wrap around Verandah once again.
And at the TOP OF THE STAIRS, between the Second and third floors, the Family’s private zone, Greenwich Glamor gleams on. The Mirrors act as sculpture while reflecting and refracting light. The side chairs are from the owners’ Paris home. Paul jolted them with silver leather pillows which, in addition to the other dazzling pieces in the hallway, make coming down the stairs in the morning a true reminder that yes, you are now in Greenwich. The doors are all lacquered black with crystal knobs. Even opening a door in this an event.
One of the GUEST BEDROOMS WITH BATH ENSUITE is equally shaded in Greys. Here in a more taupe version… but grey nonetheless.
It is a serene, cocooning, guest space with an elegant marble bathroom perfect for weary guests from far flung places around the globe who come here for some beauty and peace.
Nothing held back in the MASTER BEDROOM SUITE. Here the grey is a more violet version for a more feminine and soothing feel. BUT… it is highly juxtaposed with Modern “in your face” touches. The King Canopy bed is in polished chrome, the leaning Mirror in steel, the metal frame chairs remind you a guy sleeps here too. But again, the softness returns with the white Cameroon headdress, the silver leafed bed chests and the sumptuous white shag carpet.
And yes… the French doors swing out to a private balcony overlooking the Pool, Patio, and Green Grounds beyond.
Of course, if you didn’t get enough Glamour in the Bedroom… you could always “soak” up more in the MASTER BATHROOM.
Here the floors are lavishly covered in Statuary Marble. The soaking tub for two literally spoons you in.
And while you are soaking, the curved bow window and the sweet oval window let you soak in all the Greens of Greenwich… right outside your HOM.
Paul from HOM. Personal Interiors taking a rest, leaning on his vintage Rolls in Palm Beach.
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