Happy Monday, everyone! We’re so excited to share our gallery wall reveal with all of you today! This is a major wall in our house, and we have hemmed and hawed over the perfect thing for this space. This challenge was our answer! 

gallery wall fiona johnson photography

 We love all sorts of different configurations of gallery walls, as you all know. Symmetrical or just a little bit unsymmetrical, we think they’re all quite fabulous. But, as you’ll see, going with symmetry for this behemoth of a wall was a pretty obvious choice. 


 When looking to create a gallery wall, the options for art are endless. Photos, prints, painting, a mix of them all…


 We have long been fans of Kerri Shipp’s gorgeous work. It is delicate, beautiful and always unique.


 All of her botanicals are amazing, but we were wanting something a little coastal for the Beaufort house. 


 So we asked Kerry to create us some of her amazing botanicals, in soothing shades that would complement the decor. And, since every room has a hint of gold, we decided to carry the theme to our gallery wall via frames. And we are thrilled with the results!

Harvey Home 062

Our once big, white, blank, empty wall is now full and bright and sophisticated, thanks to Kerri Shipp and some very creative hanging.  

Harvey Home 061

 All we know is that if anyone ever saw what was behind this gallery wall, they would laugh. (Or, in the case of our husbands, cry.) We are sure that the other ladies in this challenge measured each picture out perfectly to create a ideal, one-nail-hole-per-picture wall. We, on the other hand, we kind of eyeballed the whole thing. It was less disastrous than you might think, actually. But, don’t get us wrong, that wall looks like a crime scene…

Harvey Home 063

 No matter. We’re pretty happy with the finished product, extra holes and all! And we’re also happy that this gallery wall challenge helped us to tackle a lingering project that we may never have gotten to! Thanks so much to Mary Ann Pickett from Classic Casual Home and Cindy Hattersley from Rough Luxe for inviting us to take part in their incredible Project Design! Please make sure to check out our fellow bloggers’ awesome walls!

Thanks so much to everyone for stopping by today. We hope your week is off to a great start!

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