Spinnaker Development

 Few places in the home are as important as the master bedroom. 

William Litchfield ArchitectCarter Kay Interiors

 It is the place the day begins and ends, and, by all accounts, should be a place of pure relaxation and rest.

APD Architects

 Soft, soothing tones and luscious linens are often hallmarks of a comfortable and beautiful bedroom.

Lynn Morgan Design

 And, if they include a beautiful view and a pretty place for sitting, all the better.

Liz Caan Interiors

 Gorgeous throw pillows make a bed terribly inviting. And the layered look of wallpaper and fabric makes a smaller space really sing.

Lisa Luby Ryan

 A generally streamlined and uncluttered appearance helps facilitate that all-important relaxation, especially when combined with soothing paint colors.

Lisa Luby Ryan

 Plenty of storage space for clothes and accessories is a wonderful attribute of a well-appointed master,

Meg Braff Design

 And fabulous artwork can tie any design scheme together.

Timothy Whealon

 We’re big fans of a cozy nook for reading before we slip between the sheets. 

Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors

The right lights can help set a restful tone. And all of these things are fabulously wonderful. But, in reality, they don’t matter much if one thing in the master isn’t right: the mattress. The point of creating the restful retreat, a sanctuary to escape from the outside world, is so that, when you slide under the covers and turn off the light, you get a good. night’s. sleep.  

ComforPedic iQ™ by Beautyrest

 A room can look as beautiful as can be. But, let’s face it, that stunning artwork probably isn’t going to do much to guarantee that elusive good night’s sleep that we’re all after. But, the ComforPedic iQ From Beautyrest? We can attest that it is one of the most comfortable mattresses we have ever slept on. The only mattress endorsed by health and wellness expert and founder of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil, this mattress actually relieves pressure on the body and continuously reacts and adapts as you change positions during the night with its patented Smart Response Technology. Plus, Ultra Cool Memory Foam keeps you the right temperature all night long. (Because waking up with sweaty hair does not qualify as beauty rest!) And study participants spent less time lying awake, fell asleep two times faster, and spent more time in REM sleep than in their own, relatively new mattresses. It’s no wonder this mattress is used by millions in hotels and hospitals worldwide. This mattress is one company’s response to America’s sleep epidemic — and it seems to be a good answer!


I’m a little jealous because Mom and Dad got one of these beauties. (It even looks cool, right? None of those creepy roses of days gone by…) But they needed it because my dad has a horrible back. He’s always getting new mattresses and trying new things to help him be able to sleep through the night and wake up with less back pain. And even he noticed a difference using the ComforPedic iQ. He’s a back sleeper, Mom is a stomach sleeper, and the Smart Response Technology was able to react and adapt to every move that either one of them made all night long. No buttons, motors or gadgets. Just pure, smart comfort. ComforPedic iQ is the only clinically tested mattress that combines self adjusting technology and better memory foam and the only clinically tested mattress that automatically adjusts to your body without motors or electronics. And it’s designed and built right here in the U.S.!

Now, truth be told, they aren’t sure if they spent more time in REM sleep (Sounds pretty scientific… We’re not sure we have that equipment.) but they both said they fell asleep faster, woke up less and felt more refreshed in the morning. And that’s good. Because hitting the snooze button ten times isn’t the ideal way to start the day. (And all that beeping wakes up your kids!) So, if you’re feeling less-than-refreshed, check it out! A good night’s sleep can transform the entire day.

However you started your day, we hope it ends beautifully! (With a good night’s sleep!)