Cartier in the 20th Century

Anyone wishing for a little Cartier this Christmas? Who wouldn’t, really? 


If a diamond and sapphire brooch seems like it might be a little too much to ask for under the tree, this gorgeous Cartier book would be a great substitute!


 It’s like getting to own a piece of every jaw-dropping necklace, statement-making bracelet, and perfectly crafted earring. 


 With a much, much lower price tag, of course.

Tutti Frutti Strap Bracelet

This book is a look at some of the most beautiful Cartier from over the decades, from the staid to the fun.

Egytian Striking Clock

 And some of their amazing home accessories like this Egyptian Striking Clock…

Travel Bar Kit

 And travel bar kit are as beautiful as the jewelry that Cartier is most known for. Sampling it all in these gorgeous pages felt like a decadent treat!

New York Mid Century jkt
New York Mid Century

 And, of course, visiting New York is one of our favorite treats as well, something that is penciled into the yearly calendar as quickly as possible.

Seagram Building

 But visiting New York Mid-Century? We’d have to have a time machine for that!


 Or this fabulous book, New York Mid-Century!


 From amazing abstract art to theatre to nightlife to dining,


These amazing pages detail all of the things that made the city so amazing in an era gone by. 

Miro 1963 Exhibition installation view (color transparency) Pierre Matisse Gallery (New York, N.Y.) Pierre Matisse Gallery archives, 1903-1990 MA 5020 Box 149, folder 14

 And, of course, even seeing New York in past tense made us excited for a future visit!


Whatever their subject, coffee table books are some of our favorite ways to lavish our friends and families over the holidays. A gorgeous book is a gift that can be enjoyed all year round!

They may not be Cartier in the stocking… but they’re beautiful nonetheless!