Doing house tours each week is always one of our favorite things! But it takes on a whole different feeling and meaning when the house is one that you know very, very well!


My friend Kate grew up here, so I spent a significant amount of time in this house. It was gorgeous before, always one of my favorites, but with a new owner and in the hands of the very talented ladies of Fisher Street Interiors it has taken on a new persona for a new owner. There used to be a piano in the corner of this living room. I spent a lot of time playing “Heart and Soul” on it!


 This fun, fresh pagoda paper in a bold print ties the living and dining rooms together beautifully. There’s a big bay window at the end of this room that adds so much light. One of my favorite photos is in that window, with a big group of friends, with my big belly at my baby shower!


See that cabinet in the far left corner? Kate and I discovered in that corner that when you play the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields backwards it really does say “Paul is dead…” Or was it “I buried Paul?” Either way, kind of creepy. This was also a perfect Xena the Warrior Princess-watching spot! Now it’s fresh and ready for a new generation of kids to do their conspiracy theorizing and TV watching!


 These little side tables are some of our favorite. The raffia tops are adorable and we love the shape. So chic! This sunroom is spacious and beautiful, perfect for curling up with a bowl of popcorn. There was always a big bowl of Hershey’s Kisses in here! The perfect touch!


 A cozy spot for morning coffee. The view out onto the golf course is so pretty! We did not ever meet boys out there…


 There was a lot of laughter around the breakfast room table here. Kate is a triplet with two brothers, so you can imagine. We’re sure there will be lots more good times to come in the updated kitchen!


 This space is useful and beautiful, very multipurpose. This kitchen used to have a breakfast bar. We ate a lot of Kate’s moms fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies at that bar… For breakfast. Which I guess answers part of the questions of why I spent the night there so much.


 We love this pretty lantern, perfect for tying in the blue color scheme throughout the house. And everything looks better with roses!


A beautiful, elegant, classic space for food prep and a little work. 


 A stainless farmhouse sink? What a perfect addition to a fabulous kitchen! The KitchenAid mixer in blue is adorable!


 This master bedroom and bath were very recently redone and are so gorgeous. A calming master retreat that anyone would love!

It’s funny to see how this home has changed but how very much it remains the same. Time marches on. My little girl self is now married with a child and living far away. And my friend Kate is also married and expecting her first son in May. The fun thing about design is that, no matter how we reinvent a space for a new owner, its soul and its memories can always remain unchanged in our hearts.

 Thanks so much for stopping by today! And thanks, Missie Alcorn of Fisher Street Interiors, for sharing this beautiful home with us!

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