light - floor lamps
Michael Stavaridis Photography


 Light, light, light! It is one of the best accessories, we think. Natural or not, we think it enlivens every room.

Lucy and Company


 Table lamps on end tables might be a traditional look, but that doesn’t mean they’re mandatory. We absolutely adore a pair of floor lamps for adding warmth and sophistication to a living room. The colors in this one are just perfect. Don’t you love the paint in the bookcase?

Pencil and Paper Company

In one of my “clear-the-clutter, streamline-everything” rampages, I actually got rid of the end table in my den and replaced it with a floor lamp, similarly to what Pencil and Paper did in this room.

Melissa Haynes Design

The result was wonderful. Still bright. But with so much more space! These lamps are amazing too, but require a bit of forethought. No one wants to be tripping over wires on the floor. (Mom recently broke a toe that way. It was terrible. And during boot season of all times… Sigh. But, always the Pollyanna, she used that time as an opportunity to have them all resoled and polished.)

Lynn Morgan Design

We love symmetry, but sometimes it can get a little too “matchy.” A table on one end and a lamp on the other keeps a room from looking to staged.

Jute Home


This room actually changes my mind about something I’ve long held as a design belief… I thought I didn’t like yellow and tan together. Mom said it was gorgeous if it was done properly. She is not one to argue, so I’ll take this photo as her point proven. You win, Mom. I love everything about this room!

Meg Braff Design


A yellow living room with a seagrass rug is one of our favorite combinations. Add a pair of gorgeous floor lamps and the look is totally over the top!

Jean Allsopp Photography


 Fresh and laid-back is always in style. Does it get better than a Saarinen table?

Lisa Sherry Interieurs


 What a cool vignette! The floor lamp illuminates it beautifully. Even in our chic, streamlined life, we think trunks or suitcases underneath a console are fabulous. Especially these!



 There are floor lamps that blend in and those that were made to stand out. We’d classify this one as the latter. It’s artwork!



wood floor lamps
Jean Allsopp Photography


 White cowhide over wood floor = perfection. We would never have thought to put a floor lamp in that spot, but it looks fabulous.

bedroom floor lamps
Jean Allsopp Photography

 A cozy reading nook in a bedroom was absolutely made for a floor lamp. This one is the definition of a master retreat.

Do you like floor lamps? Or are you more into table lamps instead? Whatever the choice, we think we can all agree: The right light makes any room look fabulous!

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