closet nancy gonzalez's closet flower
Nancy Gonzalez’s Closet via Architectural Digest

We thought we had a lot of shoes. But that was before we saw Nancy Gonzalez’s closet. Now she has a lot of shoes. And, thankfully, a lot of closet to go with them!

Andrew J. Howard Design

But you don’t have to have hundreds of pairs of shoes appreciate a good closet–and the beautiful wood in this one.


And, me oh my, these gorgeous glass doors…

Christina Wedge Photography via Architectural Digest

But your clothes don’t have to have practically an address of their own for your closet to be gorgeously neat and streamlined.

Howard Slatkin’s Closet via Fifth Avenue Style


In fact, we’d venture to say that even Howard Slatkin’s impeccably designed and sophisticated closet would look bad if it was a jumbled mess with clothes and shoes scattered all around the floor.


Tim Barber, Ltd

On the flip side, even a small closet can look fabulous with the right lights and the proper organization.

Christopher Coffin Design

Chic luggage is a gorgeous centerpiece for a perfectly coifed closet. And shoes lined in perfect rows add to the impeccable style of any storage space.


A closet that looks like a boutique is a gorgeous choice, if you ask us. It takes the meaning of “shopping in your closet” to a whole new level!

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

But, then again, everything tucked away behind those mirrored doors is a great option too.

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

A clean, organized closet is the best way to start the day, if you ask us. Flipping on the light to reveal rows of immaculately organized items that are a cinch to find makes it easier to see what’s there, to get dressed, and sets the tone for a calming and wonderful day ahead.

closet ted yarwood photog ad
Ted Yarwood Photography via Architectural Digest

If it’s big enough for an island to stash accessories….

Nate Berkus’ Closet via Architectural Digest

And comes complete with beautiful brass lights, all the better!

Suzanne Tucker Design

A chaise in the closet? This is the dream, we think. But, whether your closet is spacious enough to hold furniture or barely big enough to eek out space for all your clothes, there’s no question that an organized closet is a great way to start the day — and the new year!

Are you feeling more organized in 2015?