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Welcome to the super fabulous home of designer Jenni Kayne!

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“Organic” is one of the first words that comes to mind when we see this stunning place.

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Natural and calming yet upscale and stylish. It’s a hard line to walk. But Kayne does it with aplomb!

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Her laid-back yet luxe style is perfect for family — even the furry members!

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Great neutrals and earthy tones are combined with fabulous, bright abstract art.

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And black backdrops make the rest of the palette pop.

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We love the cool artifacts intermixed with the barware. Touches like this make this home feel collected and eclectic.

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This may be one of the coolest light fixtures we’ve ever seen. The fabulous leather chairs pair with the beautiful table for a look that’s rustic yet chic.

house tour okl2140627_JKayne_382

Love this table — and the organization! (Tying into our New Year’s resolutions!)


Open shelving is one of our favorite kitchen looks, especially when it makes way for more windows and more light.

house tour okl2140627_JKayne_412

What a fun place for a child’s imagination! We love all the unique toys, beautiful things that will hold up for years.

house tour okl2140627_JKayne_397

What a fun way to display a child’s artwork and favorite trinkets. (And inexpensive too!)

house tour okl jenni_kayne_house_tour_03

Chalkboard walls are so adorable for a child’s playroom… As long as the coloring on the walls doesn’t transfer to the other parts of the house! We love that the children’s spaces in this home are as chic and in keeping with the tone of the rest of the amazing rooms.

Thanks so much for joining us today on this inspired (and inspiring!) home tour. We hope you have an amazing day!

Source: Designer Jenni Kayne’s Los Angeles Home