Good morning, everyone! Actually, good warm morning. Good I-didn’t-have-to-wear-my-parka-today morning! We are so excited because this is our first ever post for By Invitation Only Group, organized by the ultimate hostess: Marsha from Splenderosa. We’re talking about Flower Power today, which we think is so tremendously fun. (And, since Marsha’s hand is in it, glamorously fun as well!) 

Azalea Floral-Lace Dress


Dresses are our go-to for Spring. We live at the beach in the summers, which means lots of fun cocktails and band parties. Which means lots of fun dresses! From casual (think: Lululemon.) to super dressy, we spend the Spring and Summer months in dresses. We are dying over this dress. Salivating. I need this dress. I try to stay away from white since you can’t wear it to weddings, but I am sure there will be the perfect event! Of course, in my mind, I look like the model in it… But that’s another story.

Paneled Floral-Lace and Mesh Dress


We don’t actually think of ourselves as liking flowers in fashion. In our homes, why yes, yes, yes! But the trend is growing on us in a big way. Who wouldn’t love this frock? So chic, but a little more covered.

Screenshot 2015-03-08 18.08.16
Embellished Silk Mini Dress


Gasp! Another one I must have hanging in my closet. I LOVE yellow. Love it. I think it started when Kate Hudson stepped out in that yellow gown in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. That was probably the most-copied prom dress of all time. This looks nothing like that, of course, but, still, nothing says “Spring” like that fabulous, vibrant color! The embellishments are so chic!

Screenshot 2015-03-08 22.10.21
Flower Appique Tee


Dresses are beautiful, but, of course, you can’t have Spring without a chic black and white outfit. This tee is so versatile and can go from playdates to cocktails effortlessly. (This post is getting expensive… Too many wishlist additions!!)

Tommy Mitchell Gilded Flowers


The first time we saw these flowers at High Point Market we must have gawked for an hour. Stunning in photos, but show-stopping in person. The most beautiful wall accessory money can buy, we’d say!



Looking like a flower is chic now. But smelling like one? Well, that’s always in good taste! If Oscar does it, you know it must be good!

Marc Jacobs


This is one of our all-time favorite perfume bottles. Full disclosure: We don’t know how it smells. But the bottle is the perfect vanity accessory for a fabulous Spring!

Screenshot 2015-03-09 09.26.20
Manolo Blahnik Floral Pump


Adding the floral trend to a simple dress is easy with this stunning pump. Perfect for a garden party!

Screenshot 2015-03-09 09.18.58
Kate Spade Flowerpot Handbag

Is Kate just the cutest? She always comes up with a way to put her own touch on the trend.

Screenshot 2015-03-09 09.23.12
Crocodile Contrast Flower Minaudiere

For something simpler with serious staying power this crocodile clutch will be in the closet for years to come!

Christine Dovey


We might have been iffy on flowers in fashion before this post showed us just how glam they can be, but when it comes to fresh flowers in decor, we’ve never been so sure about anything!

Emily Followill Photography


Hydrangeas are a personal favorite. Timeless and elegant, that green in white is a fresh take that goes absolutely anywhere.

Christine Dovey


And then there are peonies… Oh my. So delicate, so fresh, so lovely. We want them everywhere!



My hydrangeas are blue, but Mom’s are white. We both love this lilac color, but we’re not sure we have the soil for it!

Hollander Landscape Architect


Sigh… If flowers inside are good, flowers outside might be even better!

Hollander Design


Rows and rows of hydrangeas (these are my color!) scream “Hello, Spring!” We’d add a, “Thank you for coming. My how we have missed you!”

Hollander Design


Cherry blossoms are another favorite indoors and out. Stems of them in tall vases on the mantle are such a luxury.

Oh, Marsha, we are buying flowers and putting them everywhere today! And ordering them for our closets as well… Thank you for inviting us into this wonderful group. We love it already! Stop by Splenderosa to see all of the other fun responses to this post prompt!

How do you feel about the flower trend in fashion this year? Are you wearing them or leaving them for the garden? Thanks so much for stopping by today!