Michael Stave

 Yesterday morning was kind of like this… Bright, sunny, beautiful. The daffodils bloomed. I sat outside in short sleeves for three hours getting sun, did yoga on the porch. It felt like Spring was on the way. By noon, it was forty-nine degrees. By six, ice was starting to fall. So, we guess we’ll just keep dreaming of blues!

Barclay Butera

 The wonderful part is that, no matter what the sky decides, inside, it can be that perfect blue any time of year!

John-Richard Collection

 The flowers can bloom all year round…

Aerin Lauder Tray

 And, sometimes, those inside accessories are so lovely that they can tide us over until we’re barefoot on the beach again! (We’re loving everything Aerin Lauder lately. What about you?)

Ken Gemes

Plus, the cold isn’t all that bad. Especially when you have a comfy gorgeous chair to curl up in and read a good book!

APD Architects

 Blue is one of our favorite accents in a white, bright kitchen. It’s perfect for barstools!

color blue and white tim mossholder
Tim Mossholder

 Of course, there are no inside blues that can even touch the ones that Mother Nature creates. In any season, this is so spectacular.

Lee Ann Thornton

Blues can be rich and elegant,

Meg Braff Designs

 Whimsical and fun,

Michael S. Smith

 Or bright and laid back.

color blue and white elizabeth schimitd
Elizabeth Schmidt Design

 The shades and tones are so versatile and blend together so seamlessly.

color blue and white cullman kravi
Cullman & Kravis

 In layered, sophisticated pattern on pattern,

Meg Braff Designs

 Or bright touches on a cheerful porch, blue is far from basic! And this puppy seems to like it too. In no time at all, we’ll be spending all our days outside and the winter weather will be a distant memory. For those of you already savoring spring, please send some more our way!

Wherever you are and whatever the weather, we hope this is a weekend to remember!