Happy Tuesday, everyone! We hope you are staying warm. It is supposed to be 75 here tomorrow!! And snow on Thursday… Oh, me. I guess this is what you get for living in North Carolina. On the bright side, we made it to Atlanta for the Design Bloggers Conference last week, amidst the snow and storms. We had a wonderful time meeting blog friends in real life and getting to hear the fabulous Bunny Williams and Nate Berkus speak. So fun!


 And, today, the fun continues! The fabulous and talented Sarah from 702 Park Project asked us, “What’s on your kitchen counter?” For starters, these huge canisters filled with beans and quinoa make healthy cooking easy and ensure that we have all the essentials on hand when we need them. Truth be told, we’d prefer that they be filled with Hershey’s eggs… But, you know, beans are good too.


 In all honesty, our counters at home often have things on them that don’t really belong there, like the ever-growing pile of mail that seems to come back as quickly as it we get through it!


 So, all we can say is thank goodness for Beaufort and its crisp, clean countertops. (And everything on autodraft!)


This fabulous coral bowl is one of our favorite countertop accessories. It has this super cool paper mache feel, and is great for filling with fruit on summer days.


 This shell bowl may be our favorite counter accessory. We love the hint of gold and how it has a coastal feel without being kitschy.


It fits perfectly in this corner that doesn’t get a lot of cooking or chopping use. We love it!

That’s what’s on our counters, but take a peek at some other counters that we think are so fabulous.


And make sure to check out our blogger friends who are participating in “What’s On Your Counter.” They’re sure to be full of inspiration!  Thanks for stopping by today!


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