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 Interior design books must be one of our greatest guilty pleasures. I mean, we LOVE them. In fact, we’d say that getting all these luscious books is one of our favorite design blogger “perks!” 


Of course, we’re human. So we love some more than others. We hate to judge a book by its cover, but we knew the minute we glanced at Windsor Smith’s new Homefront that it would be a new favorite. 


Of course, it helps that we’re pretty much obsessed with Windsor Smith. With a kitchen like this, we think our obsession is pretty justified. 


 Gorgeous gray cabinets are some of our favorite things. And these kitchen accessories? Perfection!

 Brass lamps are a gorgeous way to light any bookcase. And these pieces are amazing to fill with stacks of your favorites


One of our favorite things about Windsor Smith is that she never ignores the vertical space. From those brass lamps to these fabulous animal heads, it’s interesting from top to bottom. 


It might not be conventional to hang a picture in the middle of a bookcase… But that’s what makes it so uniquely wonderful. And that light fixture? We’re swooning! 


 Bamboo, boots and a little Hermes orange? Why not?


In a room on this scale, multiple seating areas are a necessity. Smith creates them with aplomb. We love the hide rug


Dark colored walls with white, bright trim are extra chic. 


 Who says a mudroom can’t be chic? From the mudroom to the living room, kitchen to the bath, Windsor Smith is an expert of making every space on the Homefront gorgeous.

Thanks for stopping by today, lovely readers. We hope you have a great one!

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