Ralph Lauren’s Home via Architectural Digest

Bookstores are some of my favorite places in the whole world. And that’s a very good thing since the Dear Carolina tour has left me visiting quite a few of them! I particularly love the independent ones, with the cozy rooms and cute corners for reading.

nook liz caan
Liz Caan Interiors

Over the past few weeks, I have visited some old loves and some new favorites. The Literary Bookpost in Salisbury, NC and McIntyre’s in Pittsboro, NC have long been two of the tops on my list. But now I’ve added Scuppernong in Greensboro, NC, The Corner Bookstore in Winder, GA, Avid Books in Athens, GA and FoxTale Books in Woodstock, GA to that list, not only because their people are so friendly and charming but also because their stores are so cute! Anyone would want to spend an afternoon in any one of them!

nook lonny1

The bookstores are great, sure. But the real bonus is picking out a favorite from the shelf, taking it home and curling up with it.

Michelle R. Smith Sag Harbor Home

We love an adorable reading nook at home almost as much as a cozy corner of a favorite book shop!


And the best part of a cozy reading nook is that it’s just right for family members of any age — and can make reading even more appealing for little ones!

nook oberto gili photog AD
Oberto Gili Photography via AD

A comfy chair surrounded by favorite artifacts,

nook bhg1

A chic chaise with a killer view,

nook domino

Or a cozy chair with just the right light are all perfect for spending an afternoon with a favorite book.

nook lonny

What’s even better than taking a book from the library or a bookstore and bringing it home with you? Creating a library in your very own home! This spot looks like a dream! 

nook AD daniel-romualdez-los-angeles-home-02-living-room-650x412
Daniel Romuladez Los Angeles Home – AD

There are so many reading spots in this fabulous room. But we know we’d be fighting over the chaise! 

nook dana woltz
Dana Woltz Interiors

This perfect window lets in the right amount of light for drawing the curtains and hiding away with your favorite read.

nook ad solis betancourt and sherrill
Solis Betancourt and Sherrill via Architectural Digest

Whether you have a grand home with an entire room dedicated to reading or a tiny chair in the corner, wishing you all a moment or two to sneak away with your favorite book.

And, if you’re fresh out of reading material, we suggest Dear Carolina, of course! The Huffington Post described it as, “a touching lover letter between a little girl and the two mommas that love her, the one that gave birth to her and the one that will help her shape her life.” The Turning Pages said, “Dear Carolina is by far one of the best women’s fiction books I’ve ever read,” and PopSugar included Dear Carolina as one of the May reads they couldn’t put down! We love to support those local bookstores, so if you haven’t picked a copy up yet, ask your favorite bookseller!

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