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There are vacations and then there are vacations

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One of our favorite spots for vacation? The fabulous Breakers in Palm Beach, of course! 

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While we were there a couple of years ago, I was writing Dear Carolina.

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So, I figured, why should we have all the fun? Let’s bring Khaki and Jodi–and the whole rest of the clan–along too! 

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Khaki’s family, the Masons, are known for doing everything in high style. So, when Khaki’s mom has her book launch, a party in Palm Beach is a natural choice. 

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I actually think this is the very room I based Jodi’s room at the Breakers on. It’s book-worthy, right?

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The insides are show-stopping for sure. But the outside? Well, that’s where the magic happens!

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Palm trees, sparkling pools, gorgeous sky… Just a few things that make Palm Beach so lovely.

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Lying in these lounge chairs, by the sparkling pool, outside a cabana full of napping babies, both Jodi and Khaki make a life-changing decision. 

dear carolina breaker

But, honestly, with a cabana this fabulous, who wouldn’t be clear-headed enough to make some major life decisions?

dear carolina bre1

To read more about Jodi, Khaki and the rest of the gangs amazing Palm Beach vacation — and the big decisions that they make, check out Dear Carolina

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