Of all of the characters in Dear Carolina, Khaki’s good friend Bunny is one our favorites!


She’s a striking, fun and sassy New York woman with her very own style.


She asked Khaki for “glamour and mirrors and chandeliers.” And, in our minds, this is sort of what Bunny’s swanky NYC apartment would look like!

Screenshot 2015-05-07 08.19.30

And Bunny is the kind of woman who always, always has fresh flowers around! She would love these pink peonies.

Screenshot 2015-05-07 08.20.00

Touches of modern glamour are right up Bunny’s alley. The silver adds a hint of something traditional with a nod toward family — which would be just the Southern touch that Khaki would add.


Mirrors. Glamour. Check! Who’s more glamorous than Audrey Hepburn?


Lacquer + lavender + cowhide = Love!


When Bunny visits Khaki’s friend Charlie’s house and sees the rustic touches that Khaki has employed, she decides she needs to get a country home! This is how we imagine the combination of the styles.

Screenshot 2015-05-07 08.20.15

But Bunny’s three kiddos are also the loves of her life! So she makes sure they have adorable rooms!

Screenshot 2015-05-07 08.20.48

Khaki keeps them age-appropriate and up to date.

Screenshot 2015-05-07 08.20.32

Bunny and her family, of course, have a fabulous terrace with a quintessential New York view. Landscaped to perfection, obviously!

To read more about Khaki’s incredible NYC designs and Bunny’s gorgeous apartment, check out my debut novel, DEAR CAROLINA! For a last minute Mother’s Day gift, there’s still time to download on Kindle or Nook!

I’m so grateful to my friends at Domino for the great article on Dear Carolina! And loving this interview in The Huffington Post! If you’re looking for a great May read, our friends at PopSugar gave Dear Carolina the honor of being a May read they “Can’t Put Down!”

Happy reading, friends! I couldn’t love and appreciate you any more!

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