Meg Braff + Southampton = Love. 


One peek inside this fabulously eclectic home and you’ll get that warm, welcoming summertime feeling!


From a crisp, clean kitchen


To nautical chic details that are always in style… 


To sunny pops of whimsy that would make anyone feel like a kid again…


Meg Braff is one of the best we know at combining all the essential, stylish elements that make a house feel like a home. 


Cheerful bedrooms in interesting spaces make guests feel welcome any time.


And soothing bedrooms with pops of color make for restful retreats. 


Chic accessories look better by the shore,


And twin beds are perfect for swapping secrets well into the night.


Bamboo furniture is one of our backyard favorites and creates an instantly chic porch…


Perfect for entertaining guests! (And a hint of blue never, ever hurts.)

Thanks so much for sharing your day with us touring this fabulous Southampton home. We hope it’s a great one!

Source: Hamptons Cottages & Gardens 

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Lindsay Corrigan

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