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Good morning! We hope you’re having an amazing week so far. Ours is about to get even better because you know how much we love stumbling upon a new designer that we love. And that’s just what happened when we found Lisa Furey!

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It goes without saying that we aren’t all the same. So why should our decor be? Tailoring a look to any home, any budget, and style is one of Lisa’s strong points, and one of the reasons we think her work is always in good taste.


From a Main Line Philadelphia mansion to a tiny beach cottage on Daufuskie to a fab University of Penn dorm room, Lisa has done it all — and made it all amazing!


It’s no wonder that she was named on of Philadelphia’s Top 15 Interior Designers by Build Direct and that her work has been featured in numerous publications such at Good Housekeeping and Philadelphia Style

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Furey takes the grand and gorgeous and makes it livable and chic.

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Adds just the right touches at every turn…

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And truly understands the needs of her homeowners, whatever those needs may be, when designing a room.

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Perfect lighting is one of our favorite things in a home — and Furey gets it right every time.

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And her bar stool selection is spot-on too! 

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Farmhouse sinks are always fabulous. And we’re really loving different surfaces on the island and other countertops these days. Are you?

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From styling a small bedroom with panache,

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To create a zen office retreat that feels more like a day at the spa than work,

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To orchestrating a restful bath retreat, we are enamored of the special touches that Lisa employs in every space, making a house truly feel like home. 

What makes a house feel like home to you?


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